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Get effective SEO – with built-in advantages you get nowhere else!

What do you get from a Hawaii SEO? For one thing, we solve the biggest problem many Hawaii businesses face – reaching the Mainland & Asian customers that local businesses need to reach in order to not just survive, but grow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer for reaching those markets, as well as those within Hawaii. If you’re outside the Islands you too must extend your reach to grow. We can do that for you.

What SEO Can – and Will – Do For You

Traditional advertising costs much more than SEO – and it can’t focus so precisely on your target market(s) or customers. We not only optimize your web site, we also build resources around the Internet to raise your rankings as quickly as possible.

For example, we do targeted link campaigns, an essential foundation to any SEO effort. But we also create compelling content for your site, more important than ever as competition on the Internet grows tougher and tougher. All of our work has a solid aim – raising your rankings for the right keywords. Too many SEOs rank you for keyphrases that aren’t actually used by your customers in Google. It looks good in a report, but does NOTHING for your bottom line.

Read below a deeper explanation of our SEO services so you can fully understand What we do and Why. Then contact us for an Internet Marketing / SEO consultation. We’ll show you exactly what we can do starting today.


  1. Editing of text/content on the page(s). This includes: streamlining text, maximizing frequency of keywords and phrases, and their placement on the page(s).
  2. Editing/writing page titles to target your keywords AND your customers.
  3. Editing/writing META/HEAD tags to get the full benefits from your search engine presence.
  4. Optimizing both links & link text to get maximum benefit.
  5. Determining keywords or phrases that will reach out & bring in your target market AND raise your search engine rankings.
  6. Editing and/or altering code to ensure & improve cataloging of your site by SE spiders.
  7. We can also create features & unique content that attract customers. This could be info on subjects related to your product or service, a newsletter, writing articles, press releases and more. We can tailor this work for your industry. Just ask us.


  1. Ensuring that your site is listed, and listed correctly, in Google and the major search engines.
  2. Finding specialty search engines to list your site. Some search engines concentrate on certain professions, geographical areas, or subjects. It’s essential to be listed in ones that apply to your business. They’ll give you the greatest boost because of their relevance to you.
  3. Building outside links to your site. Google places emphasis on in-bound links, ie links to your site from other sites, in fixing rank. The best campaigns concentrate on one-way links, not link exchanges. Why? Because they get you the greatest SEO payoff.
  4. If service is ongoing – Monitoring your position in the search engine listings and making changes on and off site that improve your rankings.

These services are all essential for getting the biggest boost in the listings and keeping your ranking. Please read our other pages on SEO and SEM to learn more about these marketing tools.

In addition to these services we’ll also help you in understanding and using search engines for your business. Our belief is that informed clients are happier ones. Your success is just good business – for you and us.

Contact us today for an Internet Marketing/SEO Consultation now. Get your business moving online today.

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