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“What You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company”

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“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is difficult, and sometimes the help of a professional is needed. Unfortunately, hiring an SEO expert that you can trust is difficult as well. Many so-called experts make outrageous claims that they’ll get your site ranked #1 on Google, or suggest that you submit your site to hundreds of search engines. Others use “black hat” techniques that may get you banned by search engines. So how can you tell who to trust?

I was sent a link to an 18 page e-book written by (naturally) an SEO expert that may help you figure it out. The book is refreshingly free of hype, and contains some valuable information. I read it cover to cover. Download your free copy of “What You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company.” It’s available from Panana, a Hawaii-based SEO firm.” Blog

“‘What you must know before hiring an SEO company’ is an ebook written by Jonathan Cook who knows what’s up (and what isn’t). As an SEO/SEM guy myself, I was pumping my fist in the air reading this. Great advice and a must-read before you hire someone to help you with search engine marketing.”

“Excellent free read. The subtitle is almost better than the title: ‘How to Spot a Dishonest Search Engine Optimization Service – Before You Give Them Your Money.'”

“During one of my many ADD moments I wondered over to Biz Opps blog and found a cool story about a free eBook called “What You Must Know Before Hiring An SEO Company.” Not wanting to waste a moment that I could be not working, I downloaded and read the book.

The effect of the eBook surprised me. Now I had no intention of hiring an SEO company, it is already something that I think I’m pretty good, but if I was going to hire someone it would probably be Jonathan, who wrote this ebook.


After reading the book I trusted him. The book wasn’t obviously trying to sell me anything…I really believed that he had my best interest in mind and was giving me information to help me avoid having bad things happen to his readers businesses.

If you’re going to try this approach the trick is to give great information but not let the agenda of generating business get involved in the information presentation. So to try and keep myself on the straight and narrow with this [I admit that sales in this manner is new to me so I can come across like a used car salesman sometimes] I developed a technique.

Let’s Play Make Believe

I learned this technique when I was four and, too bad, haven’t used it too much since. For the eBook, I’m writing it as if I was going to charge for it. By pretending that I will want people to pay money for it I know it should accomplish both the primary goal of giving high quality information in order to let prospective customers get to know me and in the long run, increase sales.

I really like the strategy and technique, especially if you are in a area [like Jonathan is with SEO] that is filled with misinformation and crooked practitioners.”

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