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Client Rankings From Our SEO Services

It’s understandable that you’d want to see proof of our SEO rankings abilities. We provide that here and on further pages (see bottom) so you can see actual Google rankings we’ve achieved for clients. See the 1st SEO Client rankings on this page. Links to more client rankings at the bottom

These rankings are for a client in an extremely competitive market – Hawaii Wedding Photographers. We’ve worked with them to do effective SEO both on-site and off-site. The optimization has paid off as you can see from the screenshots below. They show their Google rankings for a few keyphrases that have proven to bring them real business.

SEO Rankings Example #1

Google rankings for competitive keyphrase ‘Hawaii Wedding Photographers’

Client A Google Rankings 1

SEO Client Rankings #2

Google rankings for keyphrase ‘Hawaii Wedding Photography Package’

Client A Google SEO Rankings 2

SEO Rankings Example #3

It was apparent from our keyword research that many searchers were looking for Hawaii wedding photography blogs. It’s another way to reach prospective clients by showing them a less formal side of the business while also showcasing the great photography work Kai Photo does. So we worked to rank for these searches – successfully.

SEO Rankings for Client A
Imagine Google rankings like these for your business. Let us put our SEO knowledge and skill to work for you today.

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