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This campaign was for another client in a heated industry – his business was a Honolulu Airport shuttle service. With so many other competitors, it’s hard to stand out. He needed help doing so by getting in front of both locals and tourists searching for this service. Not easy with not only a lot of small guys, but also a lot of big names offering this same service. So – how did we do?

SEO Rankings Example #1

Here’s one clear example of what we accomplished for our client – #1 Ranking in Google for “Honolulu Airport Taxi”. A keyphrase many use and it showed when his phone began ringing a lot more.

SEO Client Rankings #2

A little lower, but still Top 5 rankings here – #4 for “Honolulu Airport Transportation”, just behind the listing for the Airport website itself!

Client A Google SEO Rankings 2

SEO Rankings Example #3

Finally, one more – #2 Google ranking for “Honolulu Airport to Waikiki Taxi”, a keyphrase we found through our research that a lot of people were using, but was overlooked by many. Their loss.

SEO Rankings for Client A

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