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These rankings are 1st Page, thought not Top 5. However, they’re rankings to be proud of as we were going up against the Network TV stations as well as the major daily newspaper. Despite that we were able to rank right with them. It’s search engine optimization like this that helps you to compete agains larger, better funded rivals in your industry.

It would be wrong, though, not to acknowledge the large role Hawaii Reporter’s constant, quality content additions played in moving them upward. Without that ongoing work, it would have been much more difficult to rank as they do now. It’s a case of good SEO combined with a client that fully understands their business and their aims.

Search Engine Optimization Rankings Example #1

Google rankings for the (very) competitive keyphrase ‘Hawaii News’

Search Engine Optimization Client Rankings #2

Google rankings for keyphrase ‘Hawaii Online News’

Client A Google SEO Rankings 2

Search Engine Optimization Rankings Example #3

Screenshot of Google search rankings for keyphrase ‘Hawaii Breaking News’

SEO Rankings for Client A
Get results like these even if you have competition from larger, better funded businesses. Search Engine Optimization that’s targeted to get you results and maximum ROI.

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