PPC & Internet Marketing Results – Proof, #1

PPC & Internet Marketing Results – Proof, #1

Client’s Paid Search Conversions Almost Tripled!

Look Over Actual Screenshots From Search Marketing Campaigns

Search marketing/PPC is a matter of many metrics. The ultimate proof of a Pay Per Click (or Paid Search) campaign is the Conversions. Not the Clicks. This client was doing okay when we started to work with them. But they didn’t they were getting the full benefits froma their PPC campaign. We agreed and quickly were able to accelerate their Conversion Rate. You can see this below in Black & White. Begin by looking at this – the BEFORE stats:

PPC Client Results – BEFORE

PPC / Pay Per Click Campaign Dates
SEARCH MARKETING CAMPAIGN Clicks Conversion Rate Conversions
Hawaii Search Marketing BEFORE

How We Beat Google’s Own Search Marketing Service

When this client opened his AdWords account he paid Google to create the account. Sounded like a good idea. Google should know better than anyone exactly how to build a successful search marketing campaign. AdWords, after all, is their system. They have the inside track, right? So they should deliver incredible results with no problem. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works in reality. I’ll prove it.

The screenshot above shows the 10 months before I came on board. The client was averaging about 21 Conversions a month. The Conversion rate is actually okay. But, as soon as I took a look at the campaign, it was obvious that there was a lot of room for improvement.

Now here’s the AFTER. It shows the numbers from just the 1st 3 months of my work:

PPC Results – AFTER

Paid Search Marketing Dates
SEARCH MARKETING CAMPAIGN Clicks Conversion Rate Conversions
Search Marketing Hawaii

If that isn’t clear enough, here’s a graph that measures my improvement in his profits. We almost TRIPLED his Monthly Conversions. This client sells a service that costs thousands of dollars so you can easily imagine the returns he was seeing on his investment in us.

Honolulu Hawaii Search Marketing Results

The Tough Question About This Search Marketing Case

Despite these impressive gains, you might be saying to yourself: “The increase in Conversions looks good, but the Conversion Rate isn’t that big of a jump. You can see in the screenshots that it goes from 3.77% to 4.19%. That’s not such a big leap. So what’s the deal?”

The deal is this. I tried out many brand new keyphrase groups during those months. New profit levels can’t come without reaching new prospects. Inevitably some keywords will succeed, others won’t. That’s okay, because we learned what DID work for our search marketing and put the money there. The losers were thrown out.

The Search Marketing ‘Perfect Storm’ of Success

The Big News here is that in just those 3 months I was able to produce 169 Conversions in AdWords; almost 3 times the Monthly Conversions the client was getting before! To say it plain and simple: the client’s business went from getting 21 monthly Conversions to getting 56 Conversions every month. And their click price (or price-per-click) actually went DOWN.

The client got the best of both worlds. A huge increase in conversions – and profts from them – plus they actually paid less for clicks. It’s the Perfect Storm of succesful marketing.

Search marketing is a process that should always be doing 2 things: Improving the return and/or reacting to changes in the market. Those could be changes in the prospects’ behavior or in how Google runs the AdWords system. The goal is to stay on top and stay ahead. We got both done for this client and we can get it done for you, too.

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