PPC Proof 2

Search Engine Marketing Proof, #2

Search Marketing & PPC Results

Screenshot shows Conversion Cost dropped by 39% while Conversion Rate went up by 28% – in just a month and a half!

Hawaii Adwords Professional Results

The Story Behind This Search Marketing Success

Some explanation is needed to understand what truly happened here. The 1st thing to know is that a Conversion here was a lead for a financial service worth 5 to 6 figures in profits for the client. These figures don’t include Conversions that resulted in a phone call.:

    Before Campaign ran for at least 6 months before we came on board
    – During those 3 months they won 66 Conversions at a cost of $13.70 per Conversion with a Conversion Rate (ie Closing Rate) 11.62%
  • AFTER / US:
    After Campaign totals are for only 1 and a half months of running.
    – In that time we produced 26 Conversions at a cost of only $8.37 with a Conversion Rate of 14.86%
    – We brought Conversion Cost down 39% and, at the same time, we raised Conversion Rate by 28%!

Although the Conversion rate was pretty good when we came in, we could see areas where they could improve. Better targeting was needed. So we refined the keyword list, trying out new phrases as well as throwing out the ones that weren’t bringing in leads.

Search Marketing Results When The Client Needed It Most

In only a month and a half we cut their expenses while bringing in the leads at a better rate than before. The result? Sales that brought an immediate impact to their bottom line.

This turnaround was badly needed as this client is in real estate related industry that has become much more competitive. The economic slowdown and extreme slide in everything related to real estate & housing made this a challenging campaign. We had to compete for a smaller market with more competition as others dived into AdWords to shore up their own customer losses. Still, we delivered.

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You can see more documented proof of results we’ve gotten for clients in Part 3 proof of our Search/Internet Marketing work. Or check out Part 1 of our Search Marketing results here if you haven’t already. We can get these results for you, too.

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