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Professional AdWords service means results. It means Gains that are real – real income, real profits. Not just numbers and traffic. Here’s another example of how we quickly brought more customers to one of our clients.

This Hawaii client was getting very little out of his Google AdWords campaign. He wasn’t sure if there just weren’t many customers out there or if he just wasn’t getting them to click on his ad. Our opinion? It was his ads, especially WHERE they were being shown and WHO was seeing them. So, here’s what we did:

  •  Tightened his current keyword list, throwing out keyphrases that were bringing little or no response.
  •  Added new keywords that brought in new customers and new business he had missed.
  •  Wrote new ads with more urgency and stronger appeal, which got our targeted prospects to act how we wanted them to (ie to click on the ad)
  •  Tested ads against each other to find the winning message as fast as possible

Did it work? Absolutely.

The Click Rate went up by almost 1600%! AND we brought his Cost Per Click down, from $2.47 to $1.36. That’s a drop of almost 50%, or 1/2, what he was paying before. We did this in 3 months, making gains the entire way.

Higher AdWords Budget – Does It Help?

It should be noted that the client did raise the daily budget level (see above). However, that change by itself wouldn’t improve a losing campaign one bit. A bigger budget doesn’t address the conversion rate or the Cost Per Click. If the campaign isn’t working, raising the budget is just feeding it more money to waste.

In fact, if raising the daily budget was the only change made, that would have resulted in a HIGHER Cost Per Click. Not a lower one, which is exactly what we gave him.

We can do this for you and your business, too. Contact us today for a consultation on your AdWords campaign and how we can start bringing in the business you should be getting.

You can see more documented proof of results we’ve gotten for clients in Part 4 proof of our Search/Internet Marketing work. Or check out Part 2 of our Search Marketing results here if you haven’t already. We can get these results for you, too.

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