Adwords Campaigns (Proof #4)

Search Engine/Internet Marketing Proof, #4

If We Can Do This, We Can Handle Your Marketing Too

Actual Screenshots of AdWords Campaigns Below

You deserve proof of our marketing ability. So here it is. These are actual Google AdWords campaigns done for a client. A quick explanation is needed so you know what you’re looking at below.

How We Got the Results the Client Needed

A client needed approx. 600 clicks a piece for 6 businesses he was working with in a marketing test – 3600 clicks total (600 clicks x 6 Businesses) from Google AdWords. Here’s the rundown:

  •   All clicks had to be legitimate – i.e. from people truly interested in the business’ product/service. They study had to have real prospects, just like a normal marketing campaign.
  •   The 6 businesses ranged from wine accessories to a tour company to industrial flooring to triathlete equipment. There was no similarity between any of the 6 companies. That meant I had to come up with 6 different, unique AdWords campaigns.
  •   My client had just 6 months to do the study. After 5 months he had 100 clicks max for any 1 of the 6 businesses. Some had less. A lot less. With 1 month left to get over 3000 clicks, he brought me in.
  •   I quickly created the AdWords ads and campaigns that produced those needed 3000+ total clicks. And I got all of them before the deadline. Some of the businesses hit their click goals in under 2 weeks.

The Marketing Results in Black & White

The screenshots below are from those campaigns – only some could be posted here, but their results are representative.

With more time I could’ve brought the bid price down and the CTR up. With only 1 month to produce the numbers, though, those goals had to be set aside. If we can accelerate results for 6 very different businesses with the clock ticking, we can handle whatever you need us to do.

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AdWords Campaign Example #1
AdWords Campaign Example #2
AdWords Campaign Example #3
AdWords Campaign Example #4

See even more documented proof of results we’ve gotten for clients in Part 4 of our Search/Internet Marketing Proof. Or Check out the 3rd Part of our Search Marketing Results proof. We can do it for you, too.

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