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Search Engine/Internet Marketing Proof

How We Increased Our Client’s CTR by 425%

Actual Screenshot of AdWords Campaigns Below

The Google AdWords screenshot below is from a campaign I’ve been running for one of my valued clients. His Click-Thru Rate (CTR) was about 2% when he took us on. As you can see, we’ve moved him up to almost 8.5%. That’s more than 4 times more than he’d been getting before he turned his AdWords campaign over to us. Not a bad payoff.

How We Did It

We wrote new ads, new headlines and worked with them on their landing pages. In addition we did, and continue to do, ad testing. In short:

  •   We raised their click-thru rate so the client got more clicks. That translated to more business and, ultimately, more profits.
  •   Their profits went up, not only from having more business come through door, but by the fact that we lowered their average click price. They now get more business for the same amount of money.
  •   We found – and brought to them – new business they never had before. It was a completely new revenue stream for them.
Hawaii Search Marketing Graph

Search Marketing / PPC Results

As of this writing, we’ll soon have his search engine ads CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) to over 9%. Give us the chance to work for you. We’ll produce results for you, too. You can see even more proof in Part 5 of our Search Marketing (SEM) proof. Or go back to Part 3 to see real results we’ve gotten for clients from Search Engine Advertising.

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