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Paid Search Advertising (PPC): Why It Works Exactly Right

Find out how PPC skeptics go so wrong at the moment they sound so right

If there’s one thing people always say about search ads it’s this: “Nobody clicks on those. I sure don’t.” If a camera were mounted above their computers you would see that almost 100% of those people actually do click on search ads. They just don’t like to admit it or don’t fully realize what they do. But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about the ‘Proof’ that some use against PPC & search engine advertising. What do those stats say?

The statistics they cite say that only a small percentage of searchers actually click on search engine ads. That is actually true. However, that’s not the whole story, but it’s usually where they stop telling it. Those numbers don’t prove what they think they do. That stat also doesn’t actually measure the real, targeted response that PPC is after. In other words the response of actual customers. Here’s an example.

A searcher types into the Google search box this phrase ­ “Car Repair”. Now, think for a moment. What are they searching for? Information on how they can fix a problem with their car right there at home? Or are they looking for a repair shop they can pay to work on their car? Whether they’re looking for a guide to Do-It-Yourself repairs or a professional service, one thing is certain. Ads for car repair shops will be shown to them by Google (or Yahoo or MSN or…). It’s just how the system works.


It’s precisely this fact that ads will be shown for any and all types of searches, whether the person is actually intending to buy a product or service, that skews those numbers so much. Search engines are much, much more than online versions of catalogs or Yellow Pages. They’re indexes used for every conceivable purpose and aim, not just shopping.

Therefore it should be no surprise that ads are not clicked on when the goal of a search, and a searcher, has nothing to do with an intended transaction. What you should instead be looking at is a much more important and relevant statistic. One that truly shows the value of search advertising. Here’s what that much more vital stat says.

This statistic comes from a study that found that, when the search is one with transactional intent (they want to buy something), searchers click on the pay-per-click ads as much as 50% of the time. That sounds you now hear is a cash register ringing. There’s just one hurdle you have to get over to make that ringing start for you.

Search advertising and PPC Campaigns are like any other marketing. You have to do them right. That means identifying those keyphrases that searchers use when they are buying. It takes a knowledgeable person who understands how to find them and how to focus your campaigns on those keywords, because they’re pure gold.

Don’t let the numbers that self-appointed search experts thrown around fool you. Statistics and numbers are vital tools and important weathervanes, but they can easily be misinterpreted or even miss the mark completely if they lack a true context. Smart marketers know there’s money in those PPC ads and they’re sticking to them.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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