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What SEO/SEM Can and Cannot Do for You & Your Business


WHAT SEO (Search Engine Optimization) CAN DO

1.  Target the people, or the market, that you need to reach.

2.  Qualify your prospects before they even come to the site. It can target people who are more likely to buy from – or hire – you.

3.  Work with your other marketing efforts to reinforce your message and your image. A powerful way to extend and underline your brand.

4.  Give your business a higher recognition and a higher profile with your audience. Higher rankings bring your business listing to more searchers. That means getting more people in your door.

Those on the first 3 pages of search listings- and especially the very 1st page – get their name to more people. Specifically as much as 10 times more poeple.

In fact, if you’re not on those first 3 pages, you’re practically invisible. At least as far as the search engine audience is concerned.

5.  Open new markets to your business. This could be new geographic areas, from nearby towns to foreign countries you never reached before. It could be new areas you have never aimed for previously. It gives you the opportunity to try out new ideas, even new uses for your product/service.

6.  Open a new revenue stream. In other words a new source of income. In plain speak, that’s more money.



1.  It cannot make the sale. It can create the right mindset, or the right mood, for a sale. It can bring in targeted traffic – people more likely to buy – but it cannot CLOSE the sale.

Don’t expect visitors to show up at your website with their wallets out. Search Engine Marketing gets them through the door; it doesn’t necessarily produce income all by itself. Your site still has to sell. Remember that.

2.  It cannot make you rich quick. Sure, there’s a chance, but that can’t be counted on. What it is: an effective and powerful way of marketing and advertising. But it’s not a magic wand.

3.  It doesn’t get you a permanent spot at the top, or even near the top, of the rankings. You must still deal with the search engine changes and revisions that are a permanent part of this industry.

The ranking formulas search engines use are altered often. Search engines constantly work to both close loopholes used by spammers/hackers/etc and to figure out how to deliver better results to searches.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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