What Is SEM

Search Engine Marketing (for Hawaii or anywhere), Part 1

What Search Marketing Is & How It Benefits Your Business

Search Engine Marketing is actually made up of 3 areas, one of them being Search Engine Optimization (SEO is addressed on its own page). The second, Search Engine Positioning is really part of SEO. Its intent is to ‘position’ your site to be found by those searching for what you provide. Simple, but essential.

Search Engine Marketing encompasses all search engine efforts, but here we’ll apply it to just advertising on search engines.

What Are Search Engine Ads?

Search engine advertising is just those small ads to the right of, and sometimes above, search results. You’ll see them in all the major search engines, including Google, AOL’s search, Yahoo, and MSN. For many, it’s a very profitable place to advertise. Another reason for its popularity is that you’re charged only for the times your ad is actually clicked on. So you don’t pay for an ad to appear. You only pay for actual response.

Search engine marketing, firstly, comes down to the importance of keywords. How? You select keywords that your ad appears for, alongside the regular search results. For example, selecting ‘Hawaii Search Engine Marketing’ as one of my keywords/phrases will bring my ad up when those terms are searched on. But that’s not the best part of this system.

Why Small Businesses Love Search Engine Marketing

Small businesses are attracted to these ads because the playing field is leveled. Or at least more level than in the offline world. They have just as much opportunity as large corporations. A Hawaii business can use search marketing to go up against a much larger mainland competitor. We’ll tell you how on the next page….

Article written by Jonathan Cook

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