Why SEO is Not a Commodity 3

Why Your SEO Is Not An Office Supply, Pt 3

What your business & SEO should know

After reading the first 2 parts of this series you might feel a little lost and even powerless. What can you do to protect your business and partner with a good, honest, capable SEO? Like anything in life, and especially business, there is no way to shield yourself completely. It just isn’t possible.

Another path to avoid investing in is the ‘Everyone’s a crook’ attitude, where guilt is assumed and the SEO must prove their honesty by giving you their first-born to keep as collateral. Taking this stance is a quick way to shoot yourself in the foot. It’s amazing how many overly suspicious business owners either never see growth or eventually get taken in the biggest way.

You still have to have a healthy caution that you bring to the table when hiring an SEO. However, don’t take it too far or you’ll never get anywhere.


What can help guide you to a good SEO? First, it’s important that you have some knowledge of the current Search world. For example, many businessmen and women still think the Meta Keywords tag is a prime way to get rankings. That hasn’t been true for years, yet the belief persists.

If your prospective SEO is pushing outdated techniques like these, that’s your signal to end the interview quickly. A little SEO education can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

Another suggestion ­ when interviewing an SEO, listen for a focus that goes beyond just ‘Rankings’. The SEO should be placing an emphasis on the end result of sales, leads or Conversions. Rankings are the Means. Conversions are the Ends. Are the Means serving the Ends? Good rankings feed the website with targeted prospects and can smooth the way to a sale when done right.

The SEO should bring this subject up on their own. If they just keep on about rankings and how quickly they got ranked, that could be a cue to slow things down.

As we pointed out, not all Rankings are equal so if that’s all they talk about, it could be a bad sign.


It should be noted that rankings for the best, most profitable keywords cannot solve the problem of a website that utterly fails to sell once the visitor arrives. Therefore, you need to have that side of the sales equation in order. Whether you need an SEO who also has knowledge of Internet & on-site marketing, sales copywriting and other skills is something you should consider before starting your hiring process.

Success on the Internet today is dependent on much more than just being ranked well. It’s a much more complex World Wide Web today than it was just a few years ago. Therefore you need to treat your online marketing and advertising just as seriously as business once did for their off-site equivalents.

If you learn a little and listen a lot, you can go a long way to finding the right SEO for you and your business.

You can go back and read this SEO Article’s Part 1 or SEO Is Not An Office Supply, Pt 2 also.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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