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How To Focus Your SEO & Open Up Your Profit Margin

How to Avoid the ‘Baby Talk’ Copy Habit So You Can Make Sales

Your SEO should be not only a long-term strategy, it must be a focused one as well. What does that mean? First let me tell you what it DOESN’T mean.

Many sites make their main keyphrase very obvious. That’s not necessarily bad SEO. The problem cases are those that make it obvious by targeting that keyphrase on Every Single Page.

You know these sites. They have the same title – or very close variations of one – on web page after web page after web page. You can get some use out of these sites by telling friends that you have ESP. Then prove it by telling them what the next web page’s Title will be. And what the next page’s heading will be. And what the next page’s subheading will be. And on and on and on.

Yes, that’s focused. But it’s like using a submachine gun on an archery target. It’s too much and it’s unnecessary. That’s not a focused SEO campaign. That’s a fixated SEO campaign. And it doesn’t go very far outside of that one keyphrase.

If you hit that one keyphrase you are:

  1. Overdoing it. Search engines usually don’t credit you that much more for ranking on that keyphrase if you’re targeting it directly on more than 2 or 3 pages. You DO want to focus on the subject/industry/area of that keyphrase throughout the site. But not the same keyphrase over and over.
  2. Missing a lot of other keyphrases. And therefore missing a lot of potential profit. There are always variations, different terms, and terminology, your customers are using beyond the top 1 or 2 keyphrases.Often these less used keywords convert better than those 2 big ones that everyone in your industry is targeting. Therefore the ROI, or profit return, is better on them. Maybe the overall traffic is lower, but the bottom line benefit is higher. It’s not hard to see why you should be hitting a few keyphrases on your site. Not just 1 or 2.

What a Focused SEO Campaign Really Is

Focusing your SEO means directly targeting any one keyphrase on only 2 or 3 web pages. Hit them on those pages, then move on to your other keywords. A simple example – the traffic numbers for Winter Jacket might look so good that a dealer might let other keyword opportunities go, like Cold Weather Jacket, Snow Jacket, Winter Coat, etc. It happens more often than you think.

This requires you do keyword research that goes beyond simple brainstorming, but it’s worth your time. It can mean finding new markets you aren’t hitting right now. That translates into new profits and a fuller bottom line.

SEO should focus on both the individual web pages and the site as a whole. The site needs to be centered on your industry or area, while the pages drill down to hit certain keywords. Remember there are different degrees of focus in SEO. You have the important details, but there is a big picture you must build as well. You can be blinded after seeing the traffic numbers for the most popular keywords. Don’t forget the Big Picture.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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