SEO Cornerstones

The SEO Cornerstones You Can Always Count On In Google

2 SEO Factors That Guarantee Your Google Competitiveness

Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated, revised & reimagined by their programmers and engineers. Because of that, it is a safe bet that no SEO truly knows the formula. Ever. That’s discouraging news for anyone who needs to see real results from their search engine optimization to survive. There’s good news, though.

The good news is that there are things you can always count on to bring SEO results. Tested and true, they always produce rankings over time. There are 2 SEO components that are especially reliable, so you need to have them working for you. Here’s the 1st…

SEO Cornerstone #1: One-Way Backlinks To Your Website

Too many website owners are still chasing link exchanges instead of working to get one-way links to their sites. It’s not that link exchanges don’t have some small value still. It’s just that the bang for your SEO buck is much higher with 1 way links. That means a site that links to you, but you don’t link to them. Don’t you want to spend your time and effort to get the greatest benefit? If so, working to get one-way links is the way to go.

Another factor you should be (very) aware of, is the need for that link to come from a site that carries some level of Google PageRank. A site whose PageRank is 0, or non-existent, means that a link from there gives you nothing in SEO value. How do you know what a site’s PR is? Easy ­ just download the Google Toolbar for your browser. Then the current page’s PR will be displayed automatically on your browser. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

SEO Cornerstone #2: Relevant Content

Lots of sites have content. That doesn’t mean it’s all relevant. What does that mean? It means there are millions of sites out there that have content that lacks real substance or has little to say. Think about the websites you’ve visited over the last week. How many had pages that either didn’t give enough information or strayed from the subject at hand? Probably a lot, right?

Your content must stay on topic and on target for that page’s focus. It also must contain content that is long enough, and with enough of a message to either convince the reader of what you want or to go further toward that goal. If you do that, utilizing the right keyphrases, you will plant the 2nd SEO Cornerstone you need.

These 2 SEO Cornerstones won’t guarantee a #1 Ranking on Google. They will, though, go a long way to establishing a competitive presence in the search engines. These 2 factors will ALWAYS be important to rankings, not matter what other changes may come and go in Google. Count on it and you can count on search engine relevancy ­ and that means search success.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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