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Are You Getting These SEO Benefits From Twitter?

How To Use Twitter To Get SEO Gains Now

Twitter has been all over every news outlet as THE NEW THING for both social purposes and business uses. What doesn’t get asked by most is ‘What are the SEO benefits?’ There isn’t a clear answer to that and here’s why.

First, the links you put into Twitter are designated automatically as ‘NoFollow’ links. For those who don’t know, that designation means that search engines don’t give any link credit to the page or site being linked to.

It doesn’t matter if you use the actual URL in the link or utilize one of the link shortening services like Bit,ly. They’re all ‘NoFollow’ so you can’t build any SEO from linking in your Tweets. That also means that others can’t give you any SEO benefit when they link to you in their Tweets. Sorry, that’s the way it is. However, that’s not the end of the story for SEO gains from Twitter.

SEO Benefits You CAN Get From Twitter

You can still get search engine optimization advantages. For example, you should get yourself listed in Twitter directories. Those listings will give you a real, followed link to your Twitter profile plus many will also give you a link to your website as well. A couple of places that give you both link, and are well indexed by Google, are Twibs and TweetFind. Take advantage.

Despite the ‘NoFollow’ link designation, Google does sometimes show Tweets in its search results. How do you get Google to show yours? It’s not easy to get in there, but a few tips for making it more likely:

Use keyphrases you want to be shown for in your Tweets
Try to get your message across in your Tweets while leaving some space to spare. This is so if others ReTweet them, you don’t lose any keywords due to lack of space once the ‘RT’ is added in.
Tweets from accounts with higher follower counts are given preference by Google
Don’t tweet too often as it could be seen as Spam by search engines.

If you’re one of those people who uses Twitter like IM, you might want to have a Personal Twitter account for ‘discussion’ and a separate Business Twitter account. – Keywords with the hashtag added get indexed by Twitter for that keyphrase, which almost might be beneficial in Google as well.

Lastly, tweeting new content you’ve added to your blog or website could bring SEO benefit down the line. Although the Twitter link is ‘NoFollow’, if your followers find the content beneficial they just might link to it from their blog or some other place that does give you SEO value.

Twitter is one of those areas that doesn’t necessarily have direct, measurable SEO benefits, but it’s still very much worth pursuing these indirect rewards. Why wouldn’t you try to get every advantage possible in this competitive world?

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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