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Proof of the Power of Search Engine Marketing to Grow Your Business Now

Below are some statistics that establish the power and profitability of this marketing method. Like all marketing, it is not perfect or fool-proof, but it is the most effective way to grow your business. These stats also confirm that this area is becoming, if it isn’t already, a standard part of strategy for companies across all industries.

  • –   Searchers will refine their search queries/terms, go back to search results after clicking on a listing or abandon the search completely 50% of the time [Microsoft Bing study]
  • –   41% of searchers will change their search queries or go to another search engine completeley if they don’t find what they want on the 1st page of results. 88% do so after 3 pages of unsuccesful search results. [Microsoft Bing study]
  • –   Search studies have found that women are more patient with search results, taking the time to read more of them and spending more time on sites before making a purchase decision.
  • –   One eye-tracking study found that searchers who have different objectives (shopping versus getting information) actually use search results differently. The ‘Shopping/Commercial Intent’ searchers clicked paid search listings as often as organic listings. The ‘Info Gathering’ searchers stuck to the organic results. [Enquiro study]
  • –   62% of people click a result on the 1st page of search results. 90% click on a listing within the first 3 pages.
  • –   Despite Google’s dominance, 2/3 of searchers visit at least 2 different search engines [Nielsen]
  • –   Search Engines bring prospects that convert (ie buy) at twice the rate of other online marketing methods.  (WebSideStory Inc study)
  • –   Companies who used SEO on their site saw an average gain of 73% in traffic within 6 months.  (MarketingSherpa study)
  • –   Companies who did the optimization in-house made a traffic gain of up to 38% in that same time period.  (MarketingSherpa study)
  • –   Companies who hired an SEO firm to do the job saw a gain in traffic of up to 110%.  (MarketingSherpa study)
  • –   Search Engine use is now the 2nd most popular online activity, led only by email. Email is used by 91% of the Internet, while search engines are used by 90%.
  • –   Search engines are used by 92% of web consumers to shop and/or buy.
  • –   55% of all online purchases originate from Search Engines as opposed to only 9% from banners  (NPD Group)
  • –     Search engine optimisation was the top method cited by Web site marketers to drive traffic to their sites (66%), followed by email marketing (54%)  (Direct Marketing Association study)

Article written by Jonathan Cook

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