Search Engine Marketing 2

Search Engine Marketing – Part 2

Why It’s Good for Business In Hawaii & Everywhere Else

The WWW’s equal opportunity reputation isn’t always deserved, but it is in the case of Search Engine Advertising. These ads run a little different from radio and print.

How Search Advertising Is Different – & Better – Than Offline Advertising

For example, the positioning of ads from top to bottom is not so simple. One bids for the keywords they want to trigger their ad appearance. If those keywords are popular, the bid levels will probably be higher because more people will want to get those keywords. However, the ad in the lead position may not be the highest bidder. The ad at the top is the one bringing Google the most money. Sound confusing? Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you and Acme Corp. both bid for the keyword phrase
‘Hawaii Luau’. Acme bids $3 per click. In other words
they’ll pay Google $3 every time someone clicks their ad.
You, the small biz person, can only bid $1. Over the course of a
week your well written ad gets 8 clicks, while Acme gets only 2.
Google makes $6 from Acme (2 times $3), but makes $8
from you (8 clicks times $1). Your return is better, so Google is
going to put you above Acme in the listings. Not bad.

Please be aware that bids aren’t all as high as this. Most can be done for less than $1 per click.

One thing to keep in mind is that Search Engine Marketing is a process of elimination to find, and refine, the best keywords/phrases. It’s a gradual process that will reap greater benefits over time.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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