Search Engine Guide 3 – MSN

Search Engine Guide, Part 3 – MSN

With the introduction of a new important technology development, Microsoft is never far behind in their efforts to dominate that area. The operating system, office suite software, the internet browser, and now the search engine.

With all of their resources behind MSN, they’ve got a good start. As of early 2005 they now have their own listings databas e and system. Previously they were using Yahoo’s listings for their search results. Now they have their own and it’s on the same level as the other big engines.

Additionally, in March of the same year, they announced they’d start their own ad program. This further diversifies the search engine advertising world. Along with Google AdWords & Yahoo Ads, now there will be MSN’s.

How To Get Listed:

In short, getting listed is essential; But it’s also easy. Like other engines, they spider the web so getting in is usually automatic. However, submitting is easy and should be done if you’re not in it already. Do a search. then scroll down. At the bottom you’ll see the link that says “Help us improve”. Click on that and it will take you to the form to add your site. Simple.

Factors for High Ranking:

Currently, on-site factors are important here, just as in Yahoo. Keyword emphasis, relevant content, and regular updating should be the focus to improve your standing(s).

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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