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Search Engine Guide, Part 2 – Google

Google is the top dog of search engines, though its lead is getting smaller. With Microsoft entering the arena and Yahoo making gains, they may not be #1 forever. For now, though, they are so that makes them very important. In short, you MUST be listed in Google.

Google’s algorithim (their formula for ranking sites) has changed significantly since 2003. On-site optimizing formerly got you a good ranking. Today, you must also have an active link campaign. They made changes here as well. Webmasters immediately used link-swapping with each other to boost themselves. Link swapping is simply ‘you link to me and I’ll link to you’. Sites can still benefit from this practice, but not to the extent that they used to; Another link type is now in demand.

Now in-bound links are the essential building blocks for ranking. In-bound links are links to your site, ones that you do not link back to; These have been emphasized by Google while swapping has been diminished. But how do you get in-bound links?

Getting listed in search engines and directories is a good start. Some websites offer articles on their subject or focus. A site selling tools might write on different projects that can be done with them. They can then offer this material out for other sites to post, requesting only that a link back to them be given. There are other ways these links can be obtained in relation to your industry.

How To Get Listed: A free submission is available, but is not necessary for getting listed. Usually just getting your site up and running will get you into Google faster than submitting. Their spiders are very active, returning to some sites on a daily basis to catalog changes and additions.

Factors for Ranking: As noted above, on-site factors are still essential, but a link campaign is equally important. Obtaining in-bound links should be the prime target of your efforts.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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