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Internet Marketing From Top to Bottom of Web Pages

Why Your Internet Marketing Is Losing Customers At The Most Important Place On Your Website

Imagine your visitor reading all the way to the bottom of your index page. When they get there, what are they looking at? Where can the go from there, easily & quickly? Do you even give them somewhere to go? These are important questions that even good Internet Marketers forget to ask. And it costs them dearly.

The bottom of the page is often completely forgotten when you design your sales path. Why is that? It’s like a salesman giving his pitch to a hot prospect, then suddenly going mute. The prospect has questions, needs to have more information before buying.

And yet, there the salesman sits, mouth shut, refusing to answer their questions. It’s almost like the salesman doesn’t want the sale. That’s happening on websites all over the Internet ­ including, probably, yours. What should you be doing?

How To Improve Your Internet Marketing At The Crucial Moment

First, at the very least, give your visitor a Call To Action. Tell them what you want them to do to move forward from Visitor to Customer. Tell them in plain, clear language what that action is. For many it’s something like ‘Order Now’ or ‘Contact Us’. It’s amazing how many sites don’t even have this minimal Call To Action on their pages. Of if they do, it’s done very timidly or practically hidden away when it should stand out boldly.

Secondly, give your prospects some options to see related information or products. Internet Marketing is just like offline marketing in that you don’t stop selling after the 1st attempt. Most buyers or clients need more to go on than the contents of just one page before they’re ready to take the final step into the conversion column.

You must give them another avenue to find out more or see other, similar products that might get them should the current one not fulfill their needs. Leaving your visitor with no place to go is a great way to lose them permanently.

Third, give them a ‘Return to Top’ option, meaning a link that takes them to the top of the current page they’re on. This will take them to where your main menu and information lies. If your internet marketing is optimized right the top will contain an easy to understand road map to your most important website areas.

Don’t count on the reader to make the decision to scroll all the way back up, especially on longer pages. Give them the easy way to do it and make that option easy to see.

Your visitor doesn’t know your site like you do. Even a repeat visitor will not know the layout or navigation well. Give them the signposts they need to get on the path to becoming your customer. Internet Marketing isn’t an easy job, but you can make the buying process easier for your visitors.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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