How to Get Indexed by Google

How To Get Your Site Indexed In Google Quickly & Easily

If you’ve got a new site, one of your 1st big concerns is going to be getting it indexed and listed in the search engines. Especially in Google. I hear often from site owners who are concerned because their site hasn’t appeared in Google yet. You can hear the panic in their voice and, frankly, I don’t blame them.

So, how do you get indexed quickly in Google? First of all, I would suggest not submitting your site through Google’s submission page. That would seem the most logical thing to do, but you’re actually slowing things down, believe it or not. Some have reported it taking a week or longer before they start seeing their listing come up. That’s too long. What else shouldn’t you do?

One thing to avoid – Be cautious about chasing a Google listing if your site is still ‘Under Construction’. Google may still index your site, but you’re spinning the wheel if all you have is one page with a couple sentences on there, or even less. Especially don’t use the words ‘Under Construction’ . That’s a dead giveaway that there’s nothing actually there. Even a search engine bot knows what those 2 words mean.

If your site isn’t ready for prime time, at least put some descriptive text on your 1 page so the bot has something to latch onto there. Give them something to consume and go through that tells what the site will be, even if it isn’t there just yet.

Found By Google Better Than Being Submitted?

There is a belief in some SEO circles that being ‘found’ by Google bots is better than submitting your site directly. By found I mean allowing their bots to discover the site. The theory is that sites that are found have a small advantage over sites that were submitted, all things being equal. So how do you get found?

It isn’t very hard to do. Your best avenue is to be linked to from a blog post. Specifically from an active blog that pings Google when a new blog post has been put up. That signals Google to come check it out. This can get your site indexed within 24 hours sometimes.

You can also have a friend link to your site from their site, though you want to go with one that is ranked well. Ranking usually comes with a more active visit rate from Google bots. Therefore the chances are better that your link will be followed sooner, rather than later.

Use these tactics to get indexed and you should have no problem getting into Google and the other search engines relatively quickly. Nothing in the search engine world is guaranteed, but following these suggestions should give you a leg up.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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