Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Advantages

What This Marketing Does That No Other Can

  •     Once an ad runs in the newspaper or on television, it’s over and gone. Search Engine listings and ads are there every day, all day.
  •     You pay for a conventional advertisement whether you get response or not. With Search Engine ads you only pay when you actually get a response.
  •     A Search Engine listing is the door to your online storefront. Your site can give customers a complete picture of your business. A newspaper ad has limited space; It can’t give the whole story or answer questions.
  •     Customers who find you through a search engine can be lead to a purchase then and there.
  •     Your ‘pitch’ to customers on Search Engines can be updated quickly, sometimes instantly. You can respond and fine tune your marketing. No waiting.Altering your ads for other media requires a delay. You have to wait for the next magazine issue, or for the time & opportunity to make a new radio/tv commercial. There’s nothing close to the immediacy of search engine ads.
  •     The audience for conventional advertising can be targeted in some ways. However, you don’t have the precise aim of search engines. Someone clicking on your SE listing or ad only does because they’re interested in what you offer. Their action pre-qualifies them as a real prospect. They identify themselves.
  •     Through search engines, smaller companies can compete with their larger competitors. The marketing playing field is more level online than off.
  •     SE marketing connects locally, but is not limited to that; it can also target national and even international markets. The cost is nothing compared to doing the same through print, tv, or radio.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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