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How Internet Marketing can make you money offline

Let’s face it, search engine marketing is the present and the future of marketing. Millions go straight to Google or Yahoo to research, as well as make, a purchase. But that’s not the whole picture.

What you might not know is your search engine listings and ads can partner with your off-line marketing. It’s common today for a person to combine browsing online with ‘real world’ shopping. They begin on the Web to find their options before buying.

After deciding exactly what they want, or who to hire, they take action offline. Search engines reinforce your name in customers’ minds. It’s a well known marketing fact that repeated exposure moves a prospect closer to your door, if not through it. And that’s not the only way you benefit from search engine marketing.

As we said, search engines are the first, sometimes only, contact between prospects and your business. More and more people use them instead of the Yellow Pages or other traditional sources. Your place in Google or Yahoo is now the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor. Effective search engine marketing is the key to winning that race.

A high ranking in the ‘regular listings’ or an effective search engine ad gives your business legitimacy in the prospect’s mind. It comes down to that most important of factors – the first impression. If it’s crucial in social settings, it’s worth even more in business.

High ranking, in both search engine listings and ads, equals quality in the searcher’s mind. It’s a common assumption that people make: “It’s at/near the top so they must be good.” Take advantage of this. It will make a huge difference in your profits. Give your business the aura of success and start pulling in more business.

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Article written by Jonathan Cook

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