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Internet Marketing Services
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How We Can Turbo Charge Your Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a big term. It takes in a lot: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click/PPC, Social Media Marketing & even aspects of web design.

First, our SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) & Social Media Marketing services are covered in depth on their own pages.

Here we’ll tell you about our other Internet Marketing services. These separate a standard marketing campaign from a game changing one.

  • WEB ANALYTICS & METRICS: How do you know what to fix if you don’t look under the hood?
    Wish you could understand your customers better? To look through a window into their minds?  We can measure, analyze and interpret your site visitors’ behavior and their response to your website. Learn where you’re losing business; Test to find winning copy & offers; Refine your Call to Action so it gets visitors to act how you want them to. We’ll streamline your internet marketing and maximize your profit margin. Web analytics are an extremely powerful tool. We’ll put it to work for you.
  • COPYWRITING: Why this MUST be part of your marketing mix  – Copywriting is probably the most overlooked & underestimated marketing tool. Especially in internet marketing. Your content must grab the reader and move them to take action. But to do that you must complete the selling process. It doesn’t end when the customer walks through your virtual door. You still have to persuade and sell them. That’s why it’s crucial to have well-written, persuasive copy on your site. We can do that.  [ Read more about our Sales Copywriting or SEO Copywriting services. ]
  • WEB USABILITY: If They Can’t Find What They Want On Your Site, They’ll Go Find It On Your Competitor’s – A site optimized to the highest levels for search engine ranking is still a loser if it isn’t optimized for human interaction. If your website has a confusing layout or your visitors just can’t find the information they’re looking for, you’ll lose them. Fast. A confusing website is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom. It can’t hold anything that goes into it. Keep your visitors on your site and smooth the path so they buy from, or contact, you – just by making your website easy to use and navigate. It truly makes a difference.
  • TRUST & CREDIBILITY BUILDING: If Your Customers Don’t Buy YOU, Why Would They Buy From You? – Trust is just as important Online than Off. No matter what you provide or sell, you must first convince your website visitor that you’re credible and trustworthy. We form that bond through web site techniques, through your site copy, as well as email, blogs and other tools. Trust & Credibility must be a built-in part of your internet marketing.  It sets the foundation that makes a ‘Sale’ much more likely. Create the confidence in you that your visitor needs in order to take the next step – becoming your customer or client.

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