Why Hire Us For For Your SEO & Internet Marketing?

7 Reasons Why We Can Do The Job For You

  1. One Word: RESULTS.
    I’ve always worked for myself or directly for my clients. I’ve never been one part of a large department or staff. Because of that, I’ve had to produce. There was no place to hide and no one to hide behind. The decisions, the ideas, the results were Mine.I make my living by producing results. I have to deliver profits and business to my clients. That’s the best account I could ever give of my marketing abilities and why they can take your business to new levels. I’ve tripled response for some of my clients. One has recently seen a 750% gain since we took over their marketing. However, if you’re like me you’ll want to see concrete evidence and numbers to prove my marketing ability. You can start here with Part 1 of my Internet & Search Marketing Proof.
  2. I do Deep Optimization & Marketing, on-site and off. Both are essential to get you the biggest gain for your business. Deep means going beyond spreading a few keywords around your site. We build a solid foundation for your long term success in the search engines and on the Internet. Anything less would be short-changing you and your business.
  3. I don’t put your site – and your business – at risk by using ‘black hat’ SEO techniques. For example, I don’t submit your site repeatedly to the search engines. Why? Because once you’re in, you’re in. Resubmitting isn’t just unnecessary, it can be considered ‘spamming’ by Google. The quick results others promise you usually come from targeting keywords that aren’t profitable or by using spamming techniques. Your rankings might look good, but it’s like showing advertising in an empty room because your prospects don’t use those keywords. It’s a waste of your money. The techniques these ‘Fast, Fast, Fast’ firms use can also get your site penalized and/or banned from search engines. I don’t risk your business by using shortcuts that go nowhere.
  4. You deal directly with me, the person actually doing the work. I can’t, and won’t, make excuses about needing to discuss it with others before you get an answer. You’re not passed on to the next guy; You deal with the person who makes the decisions.
  5. You get a Personal Marketing Expert working on your specific needs. No jobs done by committee; I keep a sharp focus on improving your business. My strategy isn’t diluted by different, competing agendas or views.
  6. I not only understand the technical side of marketing, I have sales & SEO copywriting skills. Your site needs copy that not only makes your site search engine friendly, but also has selling power. That requires content that does double duty. I have the experience and the writing skills to accomplish this for you and your business.
  7. Your success is vital to my business.
    Why? Because my goal is to keep you as my client for the long term; preferably for as long as you and/or I are in business. To do that, it’s in my best interests to produce profits for you. If I don’t, I lose a valued client and the fees you pay me. This hurts your business and mine. Therefore, you and I have a common goal – your success.

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