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Local SEO Vs Destination SEO

NOTE: Go to our SEO Services page to learn specifically about those. This page explains the different approaches & methods for ranking Hawaii websites.

As a Hawaii business your SEO will use 1 of these 2 focuses – Local SEO or Destination SEO. Some Hawaii businesses might even use both. What do these 2 approaches mean? Read on and find out:

Local SEO for Hawaii

Local SEO is a strategy that uses a variety of optimization techniques and outlets, including listings in directories or search engines that are specifically focused on your area. In this case, for all of Hawaii, or one of the Islands (like Oahu). For some of you it could even be one town/area, like Hilo or Honolulu.

The primary method in Local SEO, though, is optimizing for your industry keyphrases along with the name(s) of the state, town or area your business serves.

For Hawaii businesses that means SEO keyphrases that would appear like this ‘Hawaii Keyphrase’ or ‘Honolulu Keyphrase’ or ‘Hilo Keyphrase’. This approach is best for Hawaii businesses whose customers and clients are all, or mostly, local, whether that means from all Hawaii islands or just one, like Oahu or Kauai.

Reaching a local market through the search engines is especially important here in Hawaii. For many businesses, the geographic isolation means they only can serve those within the Islands.  Your audience is contained completely on those volcanic creations we call home so your SEO must reflect that intense focus.

Again, your SEO must concentrate on appearing for keyphrases that take in both the area, or Island(s), you serve plus your targeted keywords. For example, in my attempts to reach local clients looking for search engine optimization services I might want to target ‘Hawaii SEO’ or ‘Hawaii Internet Marketing’, not just ‘seo’ or other phrases by themselves.

That’s just an introduction to Local SEO for Hawaii businesses, though. SEO’s general goals and guidelines are always easier said then done. If it was easy, everyone would be at the top of the rankings. For now, let’s move on to looking at another version of Local SEO, which we’re calling ‘Destination SEO’.

Destination SEO for Hawaii Businesses

What is Destination SEO for Hawaii businesses? It’s very similar to ‘Local SEO’, but the focus is outward, to searchers outside Hawaii. The most obvious businesses who’d benefit from this marketing focus would be Hawaii’s #1 industry: tourism.

When someone from the mainland or Japan or anywhere else plans a vacation, they usually check out their options in Google. To do that, these searchers are going to do almost the exact same thing that local Hawaii searchers do ­ they enter the type of business or service keyphrase they want plus ‘Hawaii’, or ‘Honolulu’ or ‘Kauai’.

The difference is that we’re talking about a destination, probably a vacation related inquiry. The strictly local searcher, especially within Hawaii, is looking for something more day-to-day, rather than a helicopter tour of the lava flow.

Still, the Local searcher and the Destination searcher do the same thing. They restrict their search by geography or place name. Some businesses, such as a Hawaii golf course, could benefit from both Local & Destination SEO. They get business from visitors as well as locals, so reaching both is good business.

SEO Common Ground

‘Local SEO’ and ‘Destination SEO’ share common ground in execution, but have different audiences. The businesses who’d primarily use the Destination SEO angle probably face a tougher race in the search rankings. That’s because their sales are generally for larger amounts and they could have competition on the Mainland. Travel agents in Hawaii, for example, also compete with ones on the Mainland.

Plus their mainland competition is often better-funded. Still, that doesn’t mean a Hawaii business’ search engine optimization can’t beat the competition’s, especially if  your SEO is done smarter and is better targeted.

The key is to get your SEO started now. Hawaii businesses face very tough conditions to succeed. Search engine optimization is one way you can increase your chances of not just surviving, but seeing your business thrive. Why not give yourself the best chance for raising your profit levels?

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