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How Can You Get 2 to 10 Times The Response You’re Getting Now?

It’s crossed everyone’s mind at one time or another. Haven’t you wondered – What’s the crucial factor in a successful website or ad? Many believe it’s mind-blowing graphics or a bare minimum of text. But they’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

The crucial difference is the quality of the copy. The copywriting. If the copy doesn’t persuade, if it doesn’t inspire trust, if it doesn’t grab the reader, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on graphics or on your website’s special effects. It really is that simple. The problem is that writing good copy isn’t.

Here are facts you need to know about copywriting:

  •   Effective copywriting will rocket sales and response by 2 to 10 times. This isn’t guesswork. This has been proven repeatedly in scientific marketing tests over the last 100 years.
  •   Copy – solid, persuasive copy that crackles – is your top sales team. You can successfully multiply yourself and your business through it. Why? Because you can reach more prospects than you ever could in person. The sales letter is your traveling salesman (or saleswoman) who paves the way for, or even makes, the sale.

We can create and write sales copy for both online and print materials. ‘Sales Copy’ doesn’t mean just the outright pitch for a sale or response. It also includes text for all areas of your site or materials. Because every aspect of your marketing should be focuses on the end goal.

That means consistently creating credibility and familiarity so the prospect is ready to step forward when you ask for the sale, whatever form that takes; You must prepare the reader, put them in a state of mind to commit to your desired response.

We can produce:

  •  Web Site Copy
  •  Marketing/Sales Kits
  •  Ad Copy
  •  Sales/Direct Response Letters
  •  Articles
  •  Just about anything else that can be written

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