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What are you really getting from other SEO & Internet Marketing services? Answer: The Basics. Let’s look at what that really means. Here’s what you’re getting from most other services:

  • SEO – They sprinkle some keywords around your pages, but there’s no crafting of a true sales message. No focus on changing your Visitors into Customers. They’ll also get you some links to your site, but usually using the same keyphrase in the link every single time. What about your other important keywords?
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – They write generic ads that timidly say ‘We do that, too’ to your prospects. That’s a loser in a competitive market. They use only the most general ad & keyword targeting methods so you end up paying more than you have to for clicks & conversions. There’s also no real tracking of results so you can invest your money in the proven profit-producers and stop paying for wasted clicks.
  • Internet Marketing – Will you get the benefits of tested marketing techniques like creating an intuitive layout that guides your visitor to the information they need to make the decision to become a customer? Probably not. Will you get the skills that create the essential components of credibility & trust? Again, probably not.

But Can You Get Results From Other SEO & Internet Marketing Services?

You may still be wondering whether those other SEO or Internet Marketing services can produce results. After all, you may know of some businesses that have used them to some benefit. Here’s the answer.

In some cases, yes, they do produce. For a while. However, every single day the Internet is getting more & more competitive. The basics aren’t going to keep you ahead forever. Probably not even into next week. Your Marketing and SEO must be razor sharp if you’re going to have long-term success and consistent earnings. It really is that simple

And here’s the Big Reason why you’re not getting the best value for your money…

Where Their Marketing Truly Goes Wrong For You

They miss the mark because they never truly aim at the #1 Target: Your Bottom Line. They never focus on the end result of capturing a Sale, a Conversion, a Client. Clicks & Traffic are not Sales. They’re just the 1st step to them. But that’s where their marketing stops – at the click.

That’s understandable. Their services are performed by people who know technology, but know very little about marketing, advertising or copywriting. They know the words, but not the music.

The edge we give you & your business come from skills for copywriting and marketing methods that lift your SEO to higher levels. We write copy that not only gives you all the SEO benefits, it also persuades and sells. We test PPC ads constantly & track response so your money is spent on the profit-winners. You shouldn’t be spending your hard-earned money blindly. That’s why we track and test so you know exactly what’s happening and what’s working.

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