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About Me

Currently I live in Waikiki, Hawaii with my wife Austen and our dog, Nigel. I am self-employed as an Internet Marketer/SEO.

I thought I’d list a few of the books I’ve read recently as a way of introducing myself:

Team Of Rivals – Excellent book on Lincoln & his cabinet. Reading this gave me even greater respect that I already had for Abraham Lincoln. It’s very possible the Civil War would’ve ended very differently had a different man been in office. A great primer on effective leadership and management as well.

Publicity Stunts – [Great history of publicity stunts. Shows you just how boring and lazy today’s press agents are now.]

Kaiulani – [The story of the heir to the throne who nearly succeeded Liliokalani after the overthrow. Her life is told against the backdrop of the seismic changes from the reign of Kalakaua to Sanford Dole’s ‘Presidency’.]

Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples [One of those books you refer to constantly when working in this business]

Web Measurement Hacks [Another ‘biz’ book]

Five Families – Selwyn Raab [Fantastic book tracing the Mafia from it’s formation under Lucky Luciano to the current day]

Honor Killing – David Stannard [Examination of the Massie Case and its effect(s) here in Hawaii and the mainland. Presents new information that shows that the Massies & Co were even more repulsive than previously thought. A great piece of Hawaii history. Still, it gives you hope as it shows that locals of all races – including haoles – were behind the accussed men.]

Primal LeadershipDaniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee [ Book in the Emotional Intelligence series. Great explanation of leadership styles, how to implement them and also how to learn them. They make excellent point that true leadership requires self-awareness and examination, not just the ability to project and inspire. ]

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