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How You’re Losing Website Sales at the Crucial Moment

June 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Let’s imagine you’re trying to fix your car. There’s a problem with it that you just can’t figure out so you take a break and take a walk. As you make your way down the sidewalk you run into a friend. You tell them about your car problem and he say’s ‘I know exactly what you need!’.

He tells you about a unique tool you can only get at a certain store in town that will fix the issue in no time. Tells you what it looks like, it’s dimensions, its color, everything. Then he remembers he’s late to meet his wife and hurriedly takes off down the street – without telling you what store has the tool. How would you feel?

You’re doing the exact same thing to your potential customers and clients by forgetting to use a Call To Action across your website. You sell the visitor on your product, your service, your business, but then don’t tell them what to do next. You pitch for the sale and forget to close. How smart is that?

When a reader gets to the bottom of a page, they immediately think ‘What Next?’. ‘Where do I go to find out more?’ and ‘How do I take advantage of this incredible offer?’. Without a Call to Action you’ve left them high and dry, wondering what and where to proceed. By taking them out of the flow like that you’ve just trashed all the hard work you did selling them up to that point. Do you really expect them to hunt around in a medium like the Internet, where your competition is just a click or two away, ready to do the job you didn’t?

At the bottom of every page, you need to have that CTA in place, whether it says ‘Click Here to Buy Now’ or ‘Find out More About Our Services’. If you don’t, you leave the exit door wide open for them to leave. Lead them onward. Even if it’s not time to close the sale, by leading them to more content that’s relevant you increase the chances of gaining a new customer. The longer they stay, the more they see, the more likely it is that they’ll step forward and become a client. This is Marketing 101.

Look at your website and the marketing environment you’ve set up. Are you making it simple for people to make the decision to buy – and go to that order page? Are you telling them you’ve got more information on your services and linking directly to it, making it simple for them to learn more?

If not, you’re cheating yourself and your business. A Call to Action must be part of every page of your website in one way or another. Don’t wait. Look at your online presence now and you’ll be amazed how much you’ve missed.

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