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You Can’t Just Sell in Today’s SEO World & Still Rank

May 27th, 2015 · No Comments

SEO, Not Sales

In the past you could still rank in competitive markets even if your site was purely about your business and your products. As long as your website was optimized well and you used some of the other beneficial SEO techniques and practices, you could do well in Google. That is a much harder path to search engine success now, though.

It’s been said countless times, especially online, but Content is King. That means a lot more now in the advanced algorithm we’re dealing with now in the Post-Penguin/Panda/Etc environment. So what should you be doing?

Simple. What’s been suggested for a long time. Helpful, relevant, engaging content. You can’t just sell You and Your Services anymore. Not just because Google wants that new focus. It’s what your potential customers and clients want, too. Here’s why.

How Helpful Content Feeds Both Google & Your Audience What They Need

Today’s shopper expects more. If you sell accessories for women, they want a guide or suggestions on what clothes, shoes, etc they can wear with them. If you sell kitchen appliances, they want recipes or tips on using them to make the best tasting dishes possible. If you’re a financial advisor, you want to give advice on certain kinds of investments and who should use them. This deeper content does 2 crucial things.

It not only feeds the wants and needs of your targeted audience, it also demonstrates your expertise and the benefits of your products or services. In other words, it helps you to sell, without selling.

Look at the questions and concerns that your market want the answers to and address that in articles and blog posts on your website:

  • What do they want to know about your industry or your products?
  • What concerns do they have before – and after – buying or committing?
  • What reasons do they give for not buying?

Those questions are a deep well of ideas for content. Once you’ve got an article done, post links to it on your social media accounts to get additional traffic and benefits from this content.

Sales has always been more about Them than You. That’s how SEO is, too. Fulfill the needs of your customers and you’ll be ranking higher and in the places where they’re looking. That’s the best place to be.

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