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SEO Myth: There’s a Perfect Amount of Text For Rankings

September 9th, 2012 · No Comments

There are SEOs out there who will tell you there’s a certain amount of words or a page length measurement that gets high rankings from Google. They’re either uninformed or they’re flat out lying to you. Here’s what you should know.

There is such a thing as too little text or too much. You know what too little looks like- it’s a page with a lot less content than it needs to have; it says little and it doesn’t give Google or the human visitor enough to understand what the page is about or what to do next. What about too much text?

That can also happen, but it’s more a matter of the sales quality of the page, not the rankings. People only scroll so far down a page before they will abandon it. There exists a point where content needs to be divided up into more pages to retain the website’s usablity and quality. Just a fact of dealing with human beings.

Different pages will need different levels of content. Your homepage will need enough to introduce your site, tell the visitor enough to get them to dive in deeper and sell them a little on whatever it is you do (or sell).

Other pages, like a section with pictures of products, will have less text, maybe just a short intro paragraph to tell shoppers a little about the ‘store’ setup and move them forward. A page’s purpose will decide the amount of text you’ll need, not a one-size-fits-all number.

So – there’s not perfect amount of words that will set you up for ranking #1. Just be sure you have enough text to at least guide the visitor, get them oriented, plus give the search engines enough to serve their purposes as well. That’s the perfect amount of text.

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