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SEO Myth #2: Resubmitting Your Site To Google

July 19th, 2012 · No Comments

This long outdated technique is as old as the Meta Keywords, but it clings on somehow. And it’s costing some businesses. I talked to one the other day who was paying a company $200/Month to resubmit his site to Google and the other search engines to keep his website ‘fresh’ in the listings. That’s $200 he might as well have spent on lottery tickets or those Skechers Shaping shoes. He would’ve got just as much out for his money.

First, we’re not talking about submitting your Sitemap to Google or the search engines when you’ve made updates. That’s legitimate. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re not making changes to your content – or adding new content – submitting a sitemap of the same, unchanged pages over and over does nothing for you or your business.

What we’re talking about is SEO companies and services that actually use Google’s (or Yahoo’s, or Bing’s) submittal form to resubmit your site.

The real story is this. Once you’re in Google, you’re in. There’s absolutely no reason to keep putting yourself into their In Tray. They have your web address and they’ll come by automatically to find what you’ve changed since the last time. It’s AUTOMATIC.

In fact, constant resubmitting could actually be considered spamming in some cases, which will actively hurt your rankings. That’s the last thing you need.


If someone is selling you on this SEO service, they’re actually asking you to pay the for 1 of 2 things:

1. Absolutely nothing
2. Possible penalties for your site and your business

The choice is clear. Tell them to get lost.

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