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All the SEO In The World Won’t Help If…

October 29th, 2009 · No Comments

All the SEO in the world won’t help if….you don’t complete the transaction. This is a real problem for most business on the web including, very possibly, yours. SEO gets the searcher to the site. SEO can confirm consciously and unconsciously that they’re at the right place to get what they want. BUT SEO alone isn’t going to get the sale.


I’ve seen site after site that is well optimized for search, but fails miserably at moving people through the door to a Conversion. Why? Because they do things like show a product, but then fail to give the visitor an obvious way to buy it. Some I’ve seen don’t give a way to buy at all. It’s like a store putting their products behind glass and the cash register behind a locked door. It makes no sense, but it happens all over the Internet.

Once the searcher arrives you have to continue to talk to them. To sell to them. Many sites have the attitude of ‘Thanks for coming. You’re now on your own. Good Luck.’ You must guide them, give them a clear path to get where they want to go. You still have to tell them why they should buy or why they should contact you for a follow up.


SEO is a means, a vital one. But it’s not the ends. It’s the important step of getting them through your door. But your job isn’t done. Even those stores you’ve walked out of without buying from had to get you in there first. Think about why you’ve walked out of those stores or service businesses empy-handed that you had every intention of buying from. What happened? Because it’s probably happening on your site as well.

Emphasize SEO but complete the sales process, whatever that may be for you – a purchase, a lead, a consultation request, whatever.

That’s what we provide along with our SEO services. Going beyond the Arrrival is crucial if you’re going to succeed in today’s competive Web. I’d be happy to discuss what we can do for your business if you contact us today. Why wait? You could be losing sales right now and the consultation/proposal is free. We look forward to talking with you.

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