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SEO – A Long Term Marketing Investment

December 10th, 2008 · No Comments

“What?!?! It takes THAT long?!?!”. I was sitting across the table from a prospective client who had just gone into shock. His outburst took place after I had told him that SEO might not produce results for a few months. His site was in bad shape and has not seen any search engine optimization ever. And it showed. I knew this would probably be a slow grower, but the rewards would be great for their high priced services if we could move them up in Google.

Unfortunately, they would never get those rewards. The client had no patience and couldn’t see the point in SEO if he couldn’t instantly be seeing the money roll in. Despite my attempts to smooth the way and explain things, I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t be doing their search marketing.

Too many businesses fall prey to this demand for No-Waiting Results. I’ve heard too many stories from businesses about how they had hired an SEO company promising mountains of profits from SEO in under a month. The fact that it didn’t happen proves that old saying: ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’

Your business must understand that search engine optimization is a long term investment in your company. It doesn’t bring returns instantaneously, but it does pay off if your SEO is done right and is maintained. If you don’t start now, using solid search engine knowledge and techniques, you’re just putting off a necessary avenue for your marketing. The one that just might make your business.

And that client who was so shocked? I checked his site out a year afterward. There had been no changes whatsoever on the site. He still didn’t rank anywhere so he had obviously given up on search engines as profit producers. A foolish mistake, in my opinion and one he’ll regret if he ever stops to think about it.

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