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Your Bounce Rate: Its SEO & Internet Marketing Implications

November 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

People often ask what their Bounce rate should be. There’s not one answer as it will vary across different industries. And even subsets of industries. What you should look at instead is improving your bounce rate constantly.

One thing that is making the SEO circles is the bounce rate’s effect on rankings. Some SEOs are making a good case for it being a factor in Google’s ranking of a site. How much they can tell about your bounce rate is difficult to say. Some won’t use Google Analytics now for precisely this reason. After all, if Google is doing your Analytics, then know exactly what your bounce rate is. Keep in mind that while there is good evidence that indicates bounce rate in the search ranking formula for Google, it’s not confirmed.

In the end, your goal should be to improve your bounce rate consistently. Your internet and search marketing depends on that. What do you do to improve your bounce rate?

You simply make sure that you’re targeting your content directly at your real prospects. That means telling them that they’ve arrived in the right place immediately. From an initial glance they should have the sense that what they’re looking for is here, on your site.

This involves web usability issues. That doesn’t sound like internet/search marketing, but it is. EVERYTHING you do is marketing. Be clear about what your page is about, what it sells, who it serves. And give the visitor an easy to understand navigation option(s). They have to know where they can go for more information, more products or just to gind the info they’re looking for.

Again, like all marketing, it’s about targeting and delivering. SEO, Search Marketing, Internet Marketing, whatever. It all works on the time tested rules marketing has always followed. The format and the method of delivery may be a little different, but you still must give the prospect what they want to win.

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