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Google AdWords Improvements (Part 2)

December 11th, 2007 · No Comments

The 2nd feature of Google AdWords that has seen improvements added is the Ad Diagnostics Tool. Basically, the tool is for those keywords you believe your AdWords ad should be showing for – but itsn’t.

It can be very frustrating to aim an ad at a specific audience and/or keyword phrase and come up empty. The Ad Diagnostics Tool is intended to give you an idea of why that is happening. It should be kept in mind that the answer you get from using the tool isn’t necessarily the actual reason for the problem. So what’s the difference from before? Good question.

Before, when asking for an answer from the tool, that’s what you got. An answer, as in 1, and only 1, answer as to why your ad might not be showing. While that reply was often helpful, if not completely dead on, you were usually missing some side of the problem and how to solve it.

Now the tool gives you multiple answers and pointers for curing your AdWords ill(s). Again, keep in mind that these are possible solutions you’re getting, not necessarily The Solution to the lack of success in appearing for your intended keyword(s). Still, getting more than a single answer gives you greater odds that you’ll get closure.

After all, if it’s one thing causing it, you have a better chance at getting the right answer in the multiple answers you now get, instead of the one shot you formerly got.

If the solution arises from a combination of factors, then you no chance of completely fixing it before with the single output available. Think of it as getting more pulls on the slot machine lever. For those in Hawaii, that’s probably the best metaphor I could use.

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