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Google Launches Click Fraud Center Online

August 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Google, more specifically Google AdWords, has just launched a new site dedicated solely to click fraud – info on it, info on fighting it, info on what they’re doing about it. At least that’s what they say the site will be. Right now there’s not much there:

Check it out for yourself. At the time of this writing the front page has 3 very brief entries. 2 of them are just listings of upcoming conferences for AdWords professionals/advertisers. The few other pages have very little content as well. If this is supposed to be a show of force in the war on click fraud, it’s apparent they only brought a popgun.

It’s another sign that Google doesn’t get it. True, it’s just the initial launch. But for a problem of this magnitude, a limp effort like this doesn’t inspire much confidence. To say the least. It looks like more of the same from Google. That ‘Don’t Be Evil’ motto they trumpeted so loudly is becoming harder and harder to hear these days. As they say ‘Money Changes Everything’. Maybe that should be Google’s new motto.

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