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Back In the Swing of Things

May 2nd, 2007 · No Comments

I’ve been unable to blog the past couple of weeks because my computer died. I believe it was the power supply of my G4, but I didn’t have the equipment to absolutely, positively confirm it. It surprised me that there could be so many varieties of G4 power supplies out there once I decided to try to replace mine.

Taking the computer in to be repaired probably would have cost more than the computer’s worth, plus I factored in the time it would cost me. One thing I can say is that I got an education in the different G4 models, all having different Logic Boards, RAM sizes (literally, not in MB measurements), and on and on.

Previously Apple’s marketing was based on giving people a computer they could upgrade and work on easily. For the most part that is true. Still, why there are 10 different kinds of power supplies that a G4 could have in its innards is beyond me. But, then, I’m not that much of a hardware tech. Still, my final solution of buying an old G4 off Ebay and then transferring my hard drive seems a little much. It did work, though. Good to be back.

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