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Customer Loyalty – Part 2

February 6th, 2007 · No Comments

If there is a Business Hall of Fame, one of my first nominees would be Mr. Terence Iwamoto, owner and proprieter of ‘Mr. Ink Plus’ here in Honolulu. Like many inkjet printer owners, the cost of ink has always amazed me – or maybe that should be ‘angered me’.

When my HP’s black ink went dry I went ballistic. Why? Because I literally had printed only 10 pages with an ink cartridge that was brand new (the inkjet was brand new as well, btw). There must be some defect here, right? Wrong.

I went to Mr. Ink Plus to sort this out. After telling Mr. Iwamoto about this ‘freak’ inkjet occurrence, he pulled out 2 HP ink cartridges he had cut the tops off of for exactly this situation. The first cartridge was the old standard HP black ink cartridge. I was shocked to see that only about 1/3 or less of the inside was set aside to hold ink. But that was nothing compared to the ‘New’ HP black cartridge.

The new one, which I believe is #92, was set up so only 1/5 or less of the inside actually held ink. Basically the were charging more for the ‘New’ standard ink cartridge while giving you about 1/2 the ink! Mr. Iwamoto immediately recommended that I buy an Epson in order to save myself some money.

He actually cheated himself out of a sale to help me – let’s face it, other ink sellers aren’t going to say a thing about this. Why should they? If you buy ink more frequently, they make more money, just like HP. I immediately went to CompUSA to buy an Epson printer – and so did the customers behind and in front of me from Mr. Iwamoto’s.

You see, Mr. Iwamoto doesn’t sell the printers, so getting you to buy an Epson doesn’t benefit him one bit. His only concern was educating customers and saving them money. And he did it at his own expense.

If you live here in Hawaii and have an inkjet printer, please go by the store. Do you need an ink? Or will you need ink at any time? You can support Mr. Iwamoto’s honest business and benefit from his tell-it-like-it-is, customer first attitude – Go to and download his catalog. He takes orders so please put your money where it will benefit you and a good honest businessman.

And No, I have no affiliation with him whatsoever. I just want to see him succeed. After all, he went to bat for me.

PS If you have an HP inkjet printer – junk it. HP is ripping you off. Give your money to a company that isn’t stealing from us.

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