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Yahoo Ads Imploding

September 29th, 2006 · No Comments

This is not news to anyone who uses Yahoo Ads, but the challenger to AdWords throne looks a lot weaker than previously thought. Posts on forums across the Web confirm that advertisers have been unable to get into their accounts for 4, count ’em – 4, days! They can’t change their bid prices, their ad text(s), their scheduling or anything else. Those with personal ad reps inside Yahoo are being told that even they can’t get in to their clients’ accounts. And it gets worse.

As of this writing, Yahoo has said that they have no idea when this will be resolved. So their unfortunate advertisers might be waiting for a while before things change. Even 1 day can be an eternity in Internet time. If not in reality, then certaily perception. As the anger grows, the hole that Yahoo is in will only get deeper.

People are already speculating how much liability they will face due to this mess. It’s not only bad for Yahoo, either. It will drive more people to advertise on Google, if they don’t already. That will only solidify Google’s hold on the search engine advertising world. If there were any doubts that they are the new Microsoft, a mass migration to their already broad dominance will put a lock on it.

At least in the short term, it looks like we’ll have to put our hopes on MSN to keep competition alive. That’s how far we’ve fallen. We’re actually looking to Microsoft to help the market diversify! Wow.

Still, there may be a silver lining when and if Yahoo cleans this up. They may offer incentives to keep and gain advertisers. And they’ll have to make it a very enticing offer if they want it to work. So keep your eyes peeled. There might be something down the line for you.

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