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Google AdWords ‘Quality’ Algorithm Change

September 5th, 2006 · No Comments

You may remember that Google announced that they were now factoring in the Landing Page(s) for AdWords campaigns in their PPC algorithm. This algorithm has broader implications from the ranking algorithm they use for organic/regular listings.

It not only applies to how they ‘rank’ you in the line-up of ads they show, but also how much you pay. You’ve probably noticed that you don’t pay your full bid for each ad appearance. Google factors in things such as how well your ad converts as well as other things. It’s another way they reward an ad that performs. It also rewards Google, of course – an ad that works is filling their pockets as well.

This most recent change was, as usual, announced in very vague terms. The main thing we can take from it was that they are now ‘improving’ the Landing Page quality determination that they introduced in July. As most of you have realized, these algorithms are not perfect. The organic listings are full of examples of irrelevant pages ranking far ahead of sites that are filled with content directly related to the keywords. Many an SEO has wept openly after seeing the car rental site that has trounced their orthodontist client in rankings for dental keywords. This is no exagerration.

What can you do? Work on your AdWords landing pages. Make certain that they have the keywords on the page that the ad appeared for; make distinct landing pages for your ads and/or campaigns. No more one-page-fits-all efforts. Even that may not work, but you have to at least try.

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