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Give Me 1 Month To Make You Money; If I Don’t, You Don’t Pay Me

* This is a proposal I write to prospective clients and I’m making this offer to you as well. Call or use my contact form to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.

Aloha –

I’m Jonathan Cook ­ I’m a search engine optimization/marketing pro in Honolulu with a record of results. I’m contacting you, as well as some of your competitors, with a simple offer.

I’m confident I can deliver to you a surge in AdWords traffic in two weeks ­ at the same price per click you’re paying right now. Not only will your traffic shoot up, I’ll take your conversion rate to new levels, maybe even double it.

And, as I said, I’ll do it at the same click price you’re paying right now. That’s more business coming to you instead of your competition. Every single day. You’ve just got to take advantage to prosper.


Currently your ad might not be on the first page or 2 of results for your keyword(s). Studies have found that 2/3 of people don’t go past the 3rd page of search results. 3 might even be generous. Think about how you use search engines. How often do you go past the first 3 pages of results? Probably not very often. Right?

As your ad moves up into those first two or three pages, click numbers multiply, if only because more people are seeing it. But if you have an ad that truly sells, your click numbers goes to an even higher level.

The number of impressions you’re getting now is a fraction of the actual searches done on your keyphrase(s) every day. Google doesn’t show your ad every time your keyphrase is searched. Especially if it isn’t converting well.

And if it isn’t converting, you’re not moving up in the ad rankings. If you don’t move up, you’re missing a lot of business.


Another benefit of getting to the top few ad positions is that those ads are shown on Google’s partners (like AOL’s search engine) and other websites. The conversion rate isn’t as good on partner sites, but the number of people seeing your ad explodes and so do the clicks. You can double the amount of clicks you get.

It’s another incentive Google gives to get the best ads to the top. Why? Because the best ads get more clicks. More clicks make Google more money.

Someone who bids high, but doesn’t get any clicks, isn’t making Google money. That’s why they move up the ads that convert the best. It isn’t about bids, it’s about getting clicks. Why? Because that’s when Google makes their money. When an ad is clicked.


I can decrease your price per click over time. As your ad moves up because of good conversion, you can decrease your bid price. You will drop briefly, but an ad that converts will rise back up in the ad rankings. Even though the bid price is lower, as long as you’re getting clicks and making Google money, they’ll reward you and move your ad up.

The concept of my service is this: you get more exposure, more clicks, more business, more sales. I can make improvements that will raise your numbers almost immediately. If this weren’t possible, there wouldn’t be a market for people like myself.


Many people question why they’d pay someone to write their ads when they can do it themselves. Good question. Here’s the answer.

There’s a reason why 2 ads selling the same thing get very different results. A good ad can outdraw a bad one by 10 times or more. That’s why professional copywriters are paid so well. They know how to get you to respond, to move, to act.

If everyone could write a good ad, Google’s system wouldn’t work. Google would just run their system like every other online ad program does ­ whoever bids the most gets the highest position. But they’re smarter than that. That’s why their stock price is so high.

Let’s put it another way: If everybody could write a good ad, there’d be very few unsuccessful businesses or products. They’d all make money. But that’s not how it is in the real world. Writing a good ad is a skill. And like any skill, not everyone has it.


With Google AdWords, you see the results quickly from any changes you make. You’re able to measure exactly how much improvement I’ve made. There’s no guesswork or ‘spin’ involved. The numbers are there in black and white.

I recently took a new client from 100 clicks in 3 to 4 months to over 100 clicks each day. And I did it in 1 week. Not only that, his click price remained under 1 dollar.

Can I do that every single time? Maybe not. But that’s no reason not to try. Remember – If I don’t bring you new business, you don’t pay.

It’s risk free. Here’s the whole deal:

I guarantee I’ll open the flood gates on your AdWords traffic and/or bring down your cost per click significantly in 1 month. I’ll put you above your competitors and help you take business away from them.

I can usually make significant changes in the first week alone. If you don’t see the worth of my service, you don’t spend any money on me.

At the end of the 1 month I’ll stop working. If you want to continue using my services, then – and only then – do you pay me.

If you don’t want to continue after that first month, I’ll pack my bags and go. No questions asked. No charge.

I don’t use any software or tricks. Nothing I do violates Google’s terms so you don’t need to worry about any penalties. I use only straight marketing and advertising techniques. That’s it.

If you want to discuss this offer with me, please call me. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.


Jonathan Cook

PS This offer is currently ongoing, but I will be ending it once I reach a point where my obligations equal my available time and attention. Contact me now and we can start the work almost immediately.

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