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Get a Solid Edge For Your Business:
Expert SEO & Internet Marketing + Powerful, Proven Copywriting & Sales Strategies

     Are your SEO & Internet Marketing efforts not working? Do you want your business to hit new profit levels? Are you frustrated that your search engine/internet marketing efforts aren't producing? It's time to get an Internet Marketing Expert who can produce results for you.

     We've tripled Conversions for some of our clients. That literally means they received 3 times more sales or leads than before - because of our SEO & Internet Marketing services. You can see just 1 example at the bottom of this page that proves our ability to raise your business in Google & on your profit sheets. No other Hawaii SEO/Internet Marketing Company can match our track record in actual businesss gains.

      Contact Us for a consultation today or Find out more about our SEO & Internet Marketing company services below.

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We've created succesful marketing, on the Internet & off, for over 10 years. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, we deliver real, measurable results to you through:

            SEO Aimed Precisely For Your Maximum Payoff
    . We'll raise your search engine rankings for the keyphrases that produce profits. See actual SEO Client Rankings we've produced. Local business? Get Hawaii SEO services with 'Built-In Edge' now.

           Get New Business Fast
    from Google AdWords, Yahoo/MSN search engine advertising & Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Ad Testing + Precise Targeting to get you the very best results possible. See actual PPC & Search Marketing Client Results.

           Tested & Proven marketing techniques
    that move your visitor from Browsing to Buying, whether you sell a product or a service. Including Conversion Optimization, Analytics, Web Usability & More.

           Social Media marketing strategies aimed at engaging prospects and creating customers through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & other important avenues.

Why Choose Us For Your SEO & Internet Marketing Needs?

     You can read our Testimonials or check out documented results that are Proof of our Internet Marketing ability. Or take a look at this screenshot from a client's account. In this case, every conversion, or Goal, was a person who contacted the client about hiring their business. Imagine getting similar results for your business. If you're ready to stop dreaming and start acting, Contact Us today.

 Hawaii SEO & Internet Marketing Company Results

     We serve both Hawaii and mainland U.S. clients, delivering results on time and on target. If you're a Hawaii business your SEO strategy will use 1 of 2 primary focuses. Find out what they are and how they directly affect your business on our Hawaii SEO page.

Contact us now for an SEO & Internet Marketing consultation because waiting won't make things better.

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Panana Design - 2415 Ala Wai Blvd #702, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 - (808) 342-2737

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SEO & Internet Marketing Company | Honolulu, Hawaii

     "I can say that my business has increased a lot. I've doubled my revenue (at least), because of Jon... "
- Franck Berthout